Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Isn’t Too Keen on Chris Christie
Last week, we heard that Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to hold his first-ever political fundraiser at his Palo Alto home. The lucky recipient of the funds? Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. But not everyone credited …


Rep. Steve King Is “Bored” At SOPA Hearings
If you’ve been following the news about online piracy lately, you probably have heard about SOPA. You also probably know that it is a pretty big deal being debated by the United States government right now and lots of people …


Google News Organizes a Lot More of the World’s Information
Last year, Google News began digitizing newspapers to make them accessible and searchable online. Those interested in the online news industry and its relationship to newspapers will be interested to know that Google has quadrupled the number of articles included in the Google News Archive Search since the initiative began in September. Articles are coming from new sources like:


CNN’s New Domain and Other Topics
There is a lot going on this week and it is only Monday, January 21st 2007. I thought I would catch you up on some of the interesting, totally unrelated things, not in any order of importance. I considered covering each of these items today, but


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Lose 5 Pounds in Less Than 1 Week - Get Rid of Stubborn Pounds Faster With the Best Diet to Date!
Wait a sec?! Is it really possible to lose 5 pounds in less than one week...naturally? Well, I have good news and I have bad news. Take a quick 45 seconds out of your busy day to read this article and learn more! Do you want the good news first or the bad news first? Well if you are like me, then you want to get the bad news first. The ...


Online Currency Trading and the Power it Brings to the Investor That Knows How to Use It
The power of the internet and how it relates to trading the Forex markets can not be understated. By utilizing online currency trading a private investor is able to instantly react to geopolitical events happening world wide that can have an effect on a particular currency. Only after understanding and taking the time to learn Forex trading is individual financier able to completely utilize the news coverage and make profitable ...


RSS and Content Syndication Part Four: Categorizing Content
How to categorize your content Now that you have a strategy for your RSS feeds, let's take a look at what content you might like to syndicate. First look at the audiences you want to reach. Start by listing the target audiences you want to deliver your content to via RSS. Each of your audiences has different content needs, resulting in different groups of RSS feeds that need to be created. For ...


Physical Therapy Jobs Not Paying Enough?
Despite the fact that physical therapy jobs are expected to rise by 27% over the next ten years, employers say they'll have a hard time staffing healthcare openings and retaining physical therapy healthcare careers. According to pubmed.com, the two most important reasons for leaving a job were "desire to pursue a different area of physical therapy" and "insufficient salary to meet financial needs." According to the bureau of Labor Statistics, ...


Currency And Forex Trading - Tips And Help
Forex trading ( FX trading ) is buying and selling the foreign currencies of different countries. There is a similarity between stock trading and Forex trading. Foreign currencies can go up and down with time-dependent volatility, and they act like shares of currency institutions. Like stock prices, you can buy long and sell short another high currency. A successful Forex trader must keep up with the basic of the market ...


Addiction of Pleasure and Detoxification of its Pressure
The topic of the Every Health organization’s meetings two years before was Opioid Addiction, as the drugs especially opium was carved higher in to the society, that the rate of addiction became higher, but two years later the topic of the health organization general meetings are opiate detoxification. As Newton’s third law states, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, AS the number of opioid addiction is getting ...


Nursing Students Compromising Now to Land Medical Job Later
If you're looking for your first, second, or third medical job, listen up. Almost every little girl played dress in her mother's closet. I personally had a fascination with high-heels. Of course, they were always too big and I stumbled my way around her room or even ventured out on to the patio to strut my stuff. What I didn't realize then that I do realize now is that I ...


Differences Between Sirius and XM
First time satellite radio listeners may be confused at their choices: XM or SIRIUS. Both companies offer digital content transmitted via satellite. Both stations offer a variety of channels and a long range of content suitable for adults as well as for entire families. An even more confusing fact is that as of 2008, XM and SIRIUS have now merged. However, this is doesn't necessarily mean that both stations are ...