Bing Wants To Know How You’ve Been “Scroogled”
As you may know, Google recently transitioned to a paid inclusion model for shopping results. The results, tied to Google’s Product Listing Ads are collectively known as Google Shopping, which has replaced the Google Product Search of old. Bing, in …

Amended CISPA Is A Direct Threat To Internet Privacy
The bill we’ve grown to fear is much, much closer to being a reality in our lives with the passing of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), courtesy of the House of Representatives. The controversial bill passed with …

Tor and Forge E-Books to go DRM-Free by Early Summer
DRM is a bit of a conundrum. It has, as far as I know, never deterred piracy, yet entertainment companies continue to implement DRM solutions that hinder or block paying customers. A recent example is that both Sony and Microsoft …

Privacy Discussed At Google Events
Google has a new YouTube channel up for videos from its Big Tent events. It’s separated into categories like Freedom of Expression, Privacy, Digital Literacy, etc. We put together the freedom of expression videos into one post here. Following are …

SXSW 2012 In Austin Coming Up Fast
The famous South By Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas is coming up next month. The festival consists of three parts: Interactive, Film and Music. The Film and Music portions of the festival have their own followers and scene in …

Boing Boing Blackout: “SOPA Would Kill Us Forever”
Popular blog joined the SOPA Blackout at Midnight on Wednesday with a 503 error that reads: Boing Boing is offline today, because the US Senate is considering legislation that would certainly kill us forever. The legislation is called the …

Despite SOPA Delay, Boing Boing & Raspberry Pi Join Blackout Protest
The White House may have denounced the current incarnation of SOPA and the Congressional goon squad who fathered SOPA may have delayed the bill’s passage in order to address “concerns,” but websites still wanted to remind everybody: they no likes …

PR in a Blogger Versus Journalist World
Or to be more exact, what is the role of public relations (not publicity) in a world where journalism and blogging continue to butt heads? It’s a conversation I’ve been having with friends and industry colleagues, and should be front …

Lists Of The Most Important Internet Personalities
Internet Evolution has come up with their first-ever list of the top 100 most innovative and influential people in the Web 2.0 world. In the social networking category, Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook, beat out Kevin Rose, the Founder of Digg.

Privacy Backlash Hits Social Networking
Aggressive advertising, unwanted friends, and employer-snooping into social networking profiles may dull the edge of being on sites like Facebook and MySpace.

Writers Ding Viacom Over Google Lawsuit
Even though Hollywood executives claim this Internet thing is too new for them to figure out how much they can cut out of it for writers, the scribes pointed out Viacom seems to have an idea.

DHS Emulating Doctorow’s ‘Scroogled’ Tale
A dark future tale by Cory Doctorow spoke of a Department of Homeland Security enforcing immigration laws, and others, with the help of Google. He may not have been far off the mark.

MLB Picks Off Game Download Buyers
There is no joy in Mudville, as mighty DRM has struck out fans who bought baseball videos from

What if Google merged with DHS?
Author and Boing Boing blogger Cory Doctorow has picked up plenty of attention for his story, “Scroogled,” which tells a tale of the Department of Homeland Security being especially effective at using Google to police the citizenry.

Publishers Will Become Interactive Media Artists
Books Are Losing Relevancy Google and Amazon are both pushing to sell ebooks directly aggressively. An article in the NYT mentions a new device Amazon will offer for reading ebooks, but I don’t think the problem with books and ebooks is that they need a better reader. Google now allows you to embed book pasages directly in web pages.

Using Facebook To Reach Readers
(This is a story I wrote for the Globe that ran in the Review section of Tuesday’s newspaper. I’m posting it here for anyone who might be interested but doesn’t read the newspaper). Necessity is the mother of invention, the old saying goes. But boredom and the desire to experiment are powerful forces too, says Canadian author Michael Winter. That’s how he came up with the idea to “serialize” his latest novel on Facebook, the hot social-networking site.

Oh No, There Goes Google Video!
Google’s nineteen-month experiment in selling online video ends in a few days, as the company shuts down Google Video and all of the videos purchased from it by consumers.

ISP Wiretap Day Arrives
May 14th signals the deadline for Internet service providers to be compliant with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA).

Boing Boing Goes Bye-Bye In Boston
Government censorship rarely makes people happy, and in Boston, residents got the chance to prove this when Boing Boing, the “directory of wonderful things,” appeared to be banned from the New England city’s free WiFi network.  Yet new evidence indicates that the city of Boston had little, if anything, to do with the ban.

Bad or Good? – Wrong Question
Aaron Swartz is an interesting guy. One of the co-founders of Reddit, the Digg-like recommendation engine that was recently bought by the Conde Nast magazine-publishing empire, his blog often has long and thoughtful posts with a refreshingly different perspective. His latest is no exception: In a post entitled “Everything Good is Bad For You,” he writes about what he sees as the downside of Web services like Twitter, and even Reddit itself.

Black Friday Ads Get Advance Look Online
Several websites have cropped up over time, featuring scans of advertisements big retailers like Wal-Mart and Target plan to put out for the day-after Thanksgiving. Those retailers, and one in particular, are not especially thrilled with this.

Canadian Schools Flee From US Servers
Universities in Canada fear the potential for abuse that could take place under the US Patriot Act, so to avoid the gaze of American investigators they have moved their RefWorks accounts to Ontario.

Nick Douglas Gone From Valleywag
Et tu, Nick Denton? It appears that young Nick Douglas, the brash young gossip-monger behind Valleywag, has left the building.

ReallyReady Really Better Than
The Department of Homeland Security developed the website as a disaster preparedness information point of presence; one member of the Federation of American Scientists initiated a challenge to improve on the Department’s work.